Free Language converter for Indian languages| Download free language converter


Finally here comes a bunch of Apps which can convert English to any India language you wish! Here is an analogy to make you understand better. If you wish to Post a comment or a status in Facebook or else were in Hindi, you need not run around in search of a language translator App which is capable of doing it efficiently. Here comes a language converter App which is very simple to use and of course amazingly quick and efficient. What you will like in this App is its ease of use. Type a Hindi phrase in English letters and you get the phrase in Hindi script. I bet it can’t get simpler than this. The word prediction just works wonderfully well and keeps you glued to typing more and more without a glitch. The App currently supports 11 Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil, Panjabi Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Oriya, and Bengali). The App works stunningly on an internet connected iPhone and iPad. Guess what? The App is completely free. Time to go grab it soon.