Idea of banning all religions


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ok first of all I am not taking this video seriously at all. But still my views!!

I didnt get the 2nd video at all, where kids are playing cricket, dont know how it makes world safe place and how that it related to no-religion.

Abt banning religion? Is it really religion causing problem? I dont think so.

Basis of all religion is same, then why there is fight? Fight is because people are selfish, they go violent if their views are not followed. They feel betrayed something is wrong from their perspective.

Do you think such a thing will stop if religion is banned? I dont think so. Infact if people stop following religion then the basis of religion i.e. "be good, fear god" wud go. And violence wud increase. Hatred wud increase.. etc.

It is mainly wrong interpretation of religious views that causes problem and such wrong interpretations wud remain even if religions are banned.


Most important thing to learn from the video itself. We see 3 DIFFERENT VIEWS in what is such a SMALL video... 1 liked 1st video, 1 liked 2nd, 1 is ok with both.

Same will apply in real life.. even without religion.. views will keep varying.

And when views vary for selfish reasons, then religion or no religion will make no difference! People will go on war then too.