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I have an Airtel 256Kbps UL conn...with a 220Bx ....I get disconnected once in 5-7 hours....and i dont want to dail the dailer again and there any way that i can connect without dailing.......and now as i write this iam disconnected this suc*s...Please Help me. :angry:


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Is there any way that i can connect without dialing?[/b]

1. Login to ur modem web config here: (default username: admin ; password: password)

2. Go to Advanced Setup>Lan. Enable DHCP Server.
-Starting IP:
-Ending IP:
-Lease: 24 hours .....Save

3. Advanced Setup> Wan. Click on Edit. Skip the first the 2nd page choose connection type as PPPoE. Encaspulation Mode: LLC/SNAP

3. On the 3rd page... feed in your connection username and password. Service name: Airtel ; Auth. Method: PAP , the 3 boxes below that should all be

4. Enable Wan Service should be checked. Give a service Save. Go to Management>Save & Reboot.

5. Meanwhile in Network Properties in Control Panel. Right Click on ur connection>Properties>TCP/IP>Advanced Properties. Click on Obtain IP automatically.

Should be working without the dialer now (which u can delete if u want).