Beam wireless plus router


Hi All,Am a new subscriber to Beam and shifted from Airtel after using 3+ of years of service. As usual I too had have the same intial connection issues with the beam.However I have opted for a wireless plus router from beam itself, I choose this over existing brands like Belkin, net-gear because beam is providing lifetime support and replacement warranty till we use their connection and after we disconnect the beam service also the router is ours unlike airtel.I have got a b/g/n router apart from that I don't know any specifications or custom firmware version or speed of the router. Am pretty new to this. Please help me if any one knows about the specs of this beam telecom router.It have 4 lan ports and one wan/wps port as incoming line, and on the router it printed like "1 Box SILVER". And beam provided me a ssid for login.I am facing a problem like when I connected to the LAN the Wifi automatically logging off/disconnected I have asked the technician to see the problem. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Please help if any one have an idea.Thank you.Praveen