No installation after 8 days of purchase


Airtel & All concerns, First installation was scheduled 3-Sep-11 around 9:00 AM, FAILEDcomplaint logged on 4/09/11 with serice request number 11576223 for Technical Issue, Assistance numbser 9867135943,(Allways switched off)Again some very kind poeple logged a complaint on 54/09/11 with Customer request 11602011 for Engineer Related Assistance number 9867135943,(Allaways switch off).Then again on 07/09/11 the great support team logged a new Customer request 11662578 for Engineer related, Assitance number very old 9867135943,(Allaways switch off). To get installation schedule for 21-Sept-11 arround 3:0 PM. (What is the TAT for new connections). Above logs can conclude that Airtel TV is a cheap, Poor service, negligent and bunch of dead poeple's nest.