Need help choosing 3G internet connection - Mumbai region


Hi folks. I have been on a long hiatus from this forum. I'm back for a while. After like 2-3 years I am turning to this forum to guide me. I am currently out of India and not in touch with the telecom progress that has been made over the years but my folks are back in Mumbai and have a real problem with the internet connectivity. Airtel wireline broadband is not yet available (I've been waiting for it for 6 years now and finally I am out of India but Airtel has not been able to provide service to my building STILL!). Anyway, I digressed.They had MTNL and Reliance wireline internet and both suck. Reliance has been having issues for a while now and I'm really getting tired of their shit. So I decided to ask here about the various 3G options that are available in Mumbai. They are not heavy users but I would prefer > 10GB / month plan with < Rs.1000 / month cost. I do see plans around Rs.750 for 2GB usage on Reliance, MTNL's websites but I was wondering if there are plans that they provide which are not advertised on their sites. I heard MTNL 3G provides unlimited use (800GB cap) @ Rs.4500 for 6 months if paid in advance. That works for me but I dont see that plan on their site. Also, how reliable is MTNL 3G? How much would the dongle cost if purchased from MTNL? Are the dongles provider specific? or can we purchase a dongle in the open market and use it (incase we decide to change the provider)?I would also like information on the individual providers:* Airtel* Vodafone* TATA* Reliance* MTNL* Idea* AircelPlease help out an old forum member here! (I know I would, if I was in touch with the industry!)


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Opt for Rs. 4,500 / 6 months plan of MTNL, it's the best. The network is also stable and the speeds on an average are around 2 mbps. Roaming is free.