Another AIRTEL SCAM or FRAUD or UNPROFESSIONAL ISM- whatever you call it .



I paid registration amount and filled up form, provided them all the documents to AIRTEL agent, 22 days ago. Now I am trying to call the same agent he is not picking up, I do not foresee any connection. However I have registered a complaint with Airtel , for which they gave complaint number 13 days ago, but so far no update or follow up. Looks like such complaints go to trash or hardly followed up.Originally the agent told me that I will get connection within 4 days.

As of now I have lost registration amount and still I do not see any one here to connect the broadband. Looks like another fraud by telecom companies, even before I have reported one more scam of AIRTEL. It is difficult who to trust in India and who to not, as I am not used to such things living all my life outside. People in Airtel or let it be any company like Reliance, Docomo, they have similar coordination problem, there is hardly in time frame or honor of commitment by these crooks.Calling their CS is like breaking your head to dead wall. It really reflects on their ethics and professionalism. Such companies can never be customer friendly. AIRTEL is trying to extend their call home service in Canada and USA , but it is a big failure for the same reason. As local management has no clues what is customer service , whatsoever, though it exists on paper , by employing 100s of high school drop outs in their call centre who has no comprehending capacity.

Now after loosing registration amount ( not so big to take them up legally) I am helpless.

Complaint number : 2864222 ( 24th August 2011)

Hopefully someone wakes up and refund my amount or give me connection. I cannot imagine it takes more than 22 days to get one simple connection. Even Spoke to ( after getting complaint number) Nodal officer Kisanchander, supervisor Sunita shroff, Mr. Kumar of Monica Enterprises ( agent), All of them promised that issue will be solved in next 48 hours, but have no heard from any one. Looks like they are all bunch of jokers have no clues or responsibility towards customer.


All these Nodal officers specially in Airtel are just for sake of Government Rules....We need to blame our TRAI.... Because there is no government control on all these frauds