Airtel scam - billing fraud, poor coordination, zero professionalism-corruption


I have faced serious issues with AIRTEL billing and invoicing. They expect us to pay the demanded dues merely by sending SMS. We asked them several times to send us- either e-bill or physical bills by post. They did not comply for many months. There was no clarification of how amount was derived. We contacted their CS many times, just to hear that some one will call and clarify, which never happened. However we kept on paying bills with some round figure. But unfotunately every 5 or 6 days later my phone gets disconnected. When we call their head office, they would reactivate promising that they will clarify the bill and tell us the right amount, this never happened, and exact amount was never clarified. Again phone will disconnect in few days, This happened on several occassions. My service was interrupted so many times and I see no one responsible in this company which is very poorly coordinated, ill managed.I would like to alert AIRTEL users that please demand proper bills by email or by physical mail. They have very poor coordination among their accounting, technical, customer service and restoration departments.Wonder if this amount which is paid with their SMS demand ever gets to right category or constitute as legal amount? What happens to the service tax and other taxes collected? Does that really reach where it belongs or remain with AIRTEL? It is for users to judge so many scams here in our country. With kind of service and coordination they provide, it is only reflection of their zero professionalism and poor business ethics. Is it another SCAM or CORRUPTION?