bad expierience of buying netgear n150 wireless modem router dgn1000


Bought this Netgear "n150 wireless modem router dgn1000" a few days back.i didn’t do a product research on internet because it was kind of urgent? First thing I noticed about this modem is that it becomes extremely hot even after few hours of working. It started giving me problems right after few days of buying,although net was working fine through wired LAN,it was not connecting through WiFi.i had to restart the modem, every time only then the WiFi connectivity returns. First I thought the problem was with my bsnl connection, but since it is working fine through wired LAN that’s not the case. I called customer care of netgear here in India, which I think is good, they gave me usual options, reset the modem, update the modem software, change wireless channel, and reset security. My problem was still there net disconnects on wifi, and doesn’t connect again unless I restart this annoying netgear product. :hammer:Lastly cc guys said try connecting Ur modem with any other device and see whether it is working. And as I thought I was not connecting (tried with mobile, friend’s laptop). And finally it was agreed this product was. Defective. I then did some product search on net about this specific product and to my surprise net is filled with negative reviews about this specific model (with same problem) another surprising thing is most of the shops in my city suggest this model 1stto the customer.:ishock:Luckily the shopkeeper agreed to replace this product with a new one and this time I choose Belkin n150 (same name). I am very happy with this product. No problems whatsoever. My suggestions for all of you don’t buy net gear n150, it has bad reviews, even cc guys agreed.


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I have the same DGN1000 at office and it looses ADSL connection whenever it feels like. But DGND3300 at home is more stable.All in all, Netgear makes garbage which urgently requires to be dumped in Bhyandar Creek for best performance.Surprisingly, their Customer support was polite and helpful.