MTNL Rocks...with above 3 MBPS speed UNLIMITED Plan


Dear All,

There is some good news.. It was sad, when my bsnl unlimited gone last month. I am able to get one MTNL sim for me from delhi and recharged with 4500 rs (unlimited ) for 6 months. I didnt face any problem, in roaming (chennai, bangalore) it is seamlessly working without any problem. No need of apn change is needed . It simply picks up bsnl signal and connects.. no deductions from my main balance etc....

Forutnately, i am getting very good speeds than my earlier BSNL 3g connection thouh MTNL works on BSNL singals in roaming....

Please find below screenshots from IDM and Mobilepartner for speeds... ITS TOUCHING 3 MBPS CONSTANTLY..

But when i recharged i recievd a sms that free usage of 836 GB cap).. Not sure what happens if i exceed this....

so my 3g is back with MOST POWERFUL SPEEDS AS bonus...


well my friend also got it in gurgaon and have some few problems like the signal goes when there is power outage (too strange isnt it?) ,the speed is good at start but become low after some time and we just need to reconnect it (mostly happens after 100mb download) and the main problem the customer care they ost of time rude, dont take complains (never give any complain no.) and cut the phone whenever they want.