Varun Gandhi on improving infrastructure in his constituency


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Hmm... he needs to change his hairstyle. Because of hair I most of the times feel he is mental! :DPS: although that belief went away when i heard his speech in Loksabha recently.


err, this is old shit circa 11 Sep 2010

point 12 in particular, all in one instead of 7 bloody posts !!!!

12. To curb corruption and improve the quality of roads in Pilibhit, we have started a civil initiative, in which we have asked many young civil engineers (all are below 35 years of age) to inspect the roads. Earlier, we had observed, that the amount of tar in the CC roads was much less than the required amount (due to corruption). So every time it rained, the roads would become decrepit.

Now, every civil engineer that is part of this initiative, is handed 1 km of road that has been built. They then inspect them, and if the quality is not up to the mark, a complaint is lodged against the contractor and strict action is taken. The roads in Pilibhit are now of good quality, and corruption has lessened to a great extent.
Was interested to know more about this 'strict action' can't seem to find any news articles about this ??

Sounds like bull to me, these contractors did the work under whomever was in charge at the time and signed off. Now they are being told they are guilty. This is retroactively applying law, Aint possible.

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