Kolkata Android MeetUp (todo..)


hi friends. its been really a exciting journey..we have been using android and other smart phone/tablet os.. specially android. within very short time the phones becomes our computer type devices.. so r u interested to joinds hands n share ur experiences and show us wht cool thing u hav done with ur smart device..

what i trying to tell u nw is dat.. few months bck i just got this idea. we hav so many doubts n curiosity abt this, we ask on various channels n forums.. so why dnt we meetup with this people n share our experiences.. its really gonna be fun..so here it is..

as i am leaving in kolkata.. so this goes specially for all people staying in here right nw. bt anyone can join frm anywhere.. no barriers..

i am planing for a initial meetup of all android owners (and also other smart device os) of kolkata. hav some future plans on this too. basically the meeup is for sharing experiences. its nt a computer installation/configuration type meetup. bt as if the meetup grows, we can hav tech people/devs to show us various demos on installing/configuring things on ur smart devices and talk abt future tech for it..

like on first meetup i am planning to show "howto install custom rom on ur device step by step.. and few guids n doubts abt it"..

bt as i says.. we must need people to join for this tech cause to grow further. so if u really into this tech kine of thing or want a taste of this..

plz email/gtalk me [email protected]

also if u knw anyone having interested on such topic n meetup..plz feel free ask him/her to join..
stay safe..stay tech..
as its difficult to maintain one topic on various forums.. plz for further details on this topic follow this forum's thread.. thx..