Bbg-super-speed-combo-4999 plan with vdsl 2 modem


super speed combo 4999
We were using the plan BBG-SPEED-COMBO-4500 till recently. Modem was ADSL modem. Recently we switched to BBG-SUPER-SPEED-COMBO-4999. VDSL modem of Nokia-siemens V2000 MODEM NAME : NSN V2000 VDSL 2 4 Port router have been provided to us. when we connect to this modem alarm is coming. no seprate splitter have been provided as was given in ADSL. v2000 have two ports one is WAN and another for pots and 4 port for LAN. we terminated the telephone line direcetly to WAN port as instrcuted in manual. any body who is having this plan and vdsl modem pl. suggest how to connect and make this new plan working. right now even we have changed the plan but userid and password of old plan along with ADSL modem is running.