Need Help for Ip address & DNS issue TATA indicom Broadband 2.0


Hi Friends, I am using TATA indicom Broadband 2.0 from last two years, i neve face any big problem while using TATA Broadband till now. From last 15 to 20 days i m not able use it. i come to know that the something is wrong with my DNS. the ip address which i was using from last two year is IP Address10.8.100.56255. DNS am getting response when i ping and also that means i am connected with server . but its show me Yellow tringle mark on Lan Icon.. and its shows message no internet access & unidentified network.i try to solve this problem with customer care ,i found my account is active and nothing wrong with my unlimited infinity 750 plan. after so many discussion the are useless , helpless, they register my complain few time but nothing happen. i am just paying the amount for internet which i am not using.So now can anybody help me with the new IP address & DNS Address. So i can connect to my internet. My location is Mumbai ( Borivali West).If anyone using the TATAINDICOM BROADBAND 2.0 same location or any where in mumbai please help me with the IP address & DNS .Thanks in advance.



This is probably the local IP address of your machine. So it is like pinging your own machine.

This is probably the local IP address of your modem. So it is like pinging another machine on the LAN. This does not mean you have connected to Tata Indicom servers.

A yellow triangle mark on your LAN icon indicates a lack of connectivity. This is a problem. If you fix this, you might get back your connectivity.