URGENT: Tata Sky or ADTV ? Help needed


Hi all,I am new to this forum.. i don't know whether its right section to post this question.I am currently looking for DTH service in Hyderabad, since Airtel and Tata Sky are best in this filed i am having very hard time to choose one. Please suggest best one. I will book one today!I have a 21" CRT.. I know its funny to think about HD BOX NOW.. But only reason im going for it because of recording feature.My Questions:------------------------------1) Which has Better Reception in Rains?2) Better service?3) More Channels? (It must include Telugu Channels)4) GOD TV or Daystar or any Christian Channel (Currently not available in TATASKY.. are they gonna add this in future?) This is my one of my big concern.5) Best picture quality (Not worried about HD Channels now, heard Tatasky Picture quality is lower than ADTV is it true? )6) Android App would help, but not important though (May be airtel will launch it soon)7) Recording space (I know TataSky+ (625-hours and Airtel-DTV 550-hours) But which on of those has more features?8) I know Tatasky is not providing more channels compared to ADTV. I called Tatasky yesterday they said this coming December they are going to add 100 new channels..can this word be trusted?9) Best UI (I have heard that TATASKY HD RECORDER UI font appears very small in 21"CRT.. Does this UI is not designed (or) compatible for Normal 21" CRT Screens?)I must thank you for reading this post patiently..please suggest best DTH according to your experience. TATASKY (OR) AIRTEL DTVI will keep you posted....Thanks again.Icon_cheers

MAX 24

Hi there, I am going to buy either Adtv dvr (prefer) & D2H DVR. I know D2H DVR provide about 90 cm dish for DVR. Does ADTV DVR provide same size dish? Or what is size of ADVT DVR dish 90cm / 72 cm / 60 cm?Thanks.