Reliance netconnect plus - very poor after sales service


I had a reliance netconnect 1X card. I went to upgrade it to the webworld of reliance at Gandhi nagar, Adyar, Chennai. The service of the staff there was pathetic. However, I bought the USB (Huwaei EC150) for the upgrade and was promised it will be activated in 2 hours. 6 visits later to the store and about 10 days later, it was still not working. The reason, it appears as per customer care that the staff did not update the correct RSN number of the device.After many phone calls to their staff at Adyar store, it was finally updated by the staff about 2 weeks later. But still, the broadband was not connecting, but the 1X was connecting. Multiple complaints to customer care and a number of trouble shooting attempts later, I was advised by a guy from Reliance Mumbai to take the USB device to the service center. I lugged the USB device to the service center 10 KM away. There the person says leave it and go, we will check and revert in a week!I FINALLY HAVE GIVEN A TERMINATION REQUEST, FED UP WITH THE RUNNING AROUND.


Reliance, Tata Photon + , MTNL 3G Jadoo
You would have thrown the device on Web World manager face and would have asked that joker to visit Service Centre. I would never visit a Service Centre if something is faulty from the day of purchase. and use the power of communication to punish them, rather than banging your head with illiterate and mannerless peoples sitting at their webworlds.They would terminate your connection without even trying an effort to retain . but to avoid this doesn't happen with other people, you must mark a mail to nodal and Appeletite Authority .