Airtel 699 Sharing On Two Pcs?


Dear all,

I have two PCs at my home.

PC-1: AMD Athlon 3000+ with Windows XP and Lan on Board (buying this tomorrow)

PC-2: P-3 450 MHz with PCI Lan Card and Windows 98

Airtel has provided me with a ZyXEL Prestige645R-A1 ADSL Router.

I would like to share the connection on both these PCs.

Some imperatives; I do not want to keep one PC switched on all the time for the other PC can be online.

Essentially both PCs can use the internet simultaneosly without being dependent on each other (no proxy)

Can you guys with your experience help?

I am in Delhi.

Thanks & Best regards.


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New Delhi
You got two options:1. If the ZyXEL has a USB as well as a Lan port, (if not ask them to give u a Beetel 220BX which does) you'll be able to connect both the comps. Just connect each with the necessary cables and they'll be assigned lan ip's automatically (make sure DHCP is enabled in the modem config). Needless to say both machines will have to be in the same room unless u happen to have a long ass lan cable.2. Get an ethernet hub (incase they can't provide u with a combo modem).