Being Offered A Airtel Broadband Connection. Should I Take It?


I had airtel for 5 months a while back. My experience with their broadband wasn't that good. I switched over to bsnl and have shifted house since. Airtel has started offering broadband in my area recently. I have a business 1200(4GB) plan with bsnl. In 6 days, I will be moving to bsnl unlimited 900(256k). I usually get 25-30KB/s 90 % of the time.What I want to know is if airtel provides 200-220k speeds constant during daytime with the 999 plan? This was the biggest problem I had with airtel because during daytime the connection speeds were shit while it improved only at 1-2am. When I need to use the computer, I need good speeds. 64k during daytime and I'm not a happy camper. Current bangalore airtel users, what speeds do you get during daytime with your connections?