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I take no responsibility for this one. Note the quote - so its just a copy and credits go to cameron122000 for compiling this list.

Here you go:
    Has CPanel, but I'm still waiting for the Fantastico. Has frontpage extensions. It's totally free with like 500MB of space. No posting! Unfortunate though. Everyone wants space from them. They crash a lot.

Free Nuke Hosting: has some pretty good hosting, almost identical to netrulon's, but you have to post in their forum at least 5 times to request a subdomain/ web space.

    One of my first sites was at Geocites! Gotta love 'em. Great for newbies and those who just want a small website with little functionality on the control panel. First timers should try this before buying web space.

Has a limited amount of space, and comes complete with tons of ads. Use it as an only option, or if you have never ever ever made a website b4.

Free Web Town:
Very nice hosting. 1GB of space, while still free. That's almost better than Netrulon! Except this doesn't have CPanel... I think they're missing sumthin!  :oops:

Host Department:
It's ok... It's completely free, and if you do one of their promos (it's free) then you get a free private address for the rest of your life, plus a 1GB email account (just like GMail). There are NO ads. Yes, that's right. FTP access, 100MB of free space, webhosting stats, and unlimited hits. I'd say this is probably better than Netrulon, cause of the space and uptime.

DeluXe Host:
It's super great! I love it! 100MB of space, a whopping 300GB of bandwidth, FTP, PHP + MySQL, no ads! Plus, it's all free! Incredibe! I'd try this one anyday!

Website Allies:
It's got lots of features. Ok. Here's a list: Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Files Sizes, Unlimited POP mail accounts, Unlimited MySQL databases, FTP/File Manager, CGI/PHP/PERL/Python/SSL/SSI support, Webmail, Web Stats, Subdomain hosting, Domain transfers, Free Blog Site, Free Live Chat system, Free Professional Portal System, Free E-Commerce Shopping Cart, Free Discussion Board, Free Online Poll/Survey, Free Banner Ad Rotation Software. If you don't like all this, you're crazy!

Brand new. Not a lot of services, but has unlimited webspace and bandwidth. Probably p@$$ this up unless you really need the space.

Unlimited webspace, Unlimited hits, no advertising, Guestbook and forum, P@$$word Protected Directories, Site Creation Tools, a private web address, and Web Stats. Not bad for what it is. FREE!!!!

CPanel Manager
24/7 FTP access
FTP, Browser upload
Frontpage upload
Web File Manager
Web HTML Editor
Anti-virus, Anti-spam
Use your Domain
Use our Subdomain
No Ads/Banners/Popups
Your Ads allowed
Personal, Business accepted
No filesize limits
No time limit
No contract No payment
No application or site review
Instant activation
Fantastico Deluxe
php-Nuke post-nuke mambo
InvisionBoard phpbb
b2 Wordpress
Guestbook Poll Gallery
Oscommerce OSticket
Frontpage Extensions
Email Pop3 Webmail IMAP
Email Forwarding Catchall
Flash, .htaccess files
Shared SSL
P@$$word protected folders
Statistics - Awstats, Webalizer
Customize Error Pages
Cron jobs
Apache Handlers
SSH access*
Sub- Email & FTP accounts
Subdomain Accounts
Park and Add-on domains
Preinstalled scripts ++
GD, ImageMagick
phpmyadmin phpPGadmin
125 MB DiskSpace
500 MB Monthly Bandwidth
And much more...[/b]
You're gonna have to use an Australian proxy unless you live in Australia.Here's the main package:

User account

A user account gives you the following access and services. To apply for a account, visit the Sign-up page.

      Email account
      Web page
      Unix Shell access
      File storage

Email account

A user account also gives you an e-mail address You can access this on using a terminal mail client, via POP3/S or IMAP/S from any common email program (e.g. Eudora, Netscape Messenger  etc), or via's Webmail client. (see webmail section of the FAQ).

Web page

A web-page can be uploaded via FTP, SCP or SFTP to your account and viewed as . Users have detailed web logs emailed to them once a week. A virtual domain can also point to part of your web-space, such as - see the Domain Hosting section.

Unix Shell access

Unix shell access allows you to:

    * Read your email using a terminal email client
    * Encrypt it with a PGP client
    * Use a terminal IRC/ICQ/MSN/AIM/Yahoo client
    * Read Usenet news
    * Run network diagnostics
    * Browse the web using a text based browser
    * Play with files in your web space and test CGI/PHP scripts
    * Compile and write software

File storage

You can also use your account as an on line storage and backup area by uploading files to it.'s /home area is stored on mirror-ed drives so that a single drive failure doesn't result in data loss. Home directories can also be added to the nightly/weekly back-ups and off-site backups to protect from human error or disaster.[/b]

That's all for now.[/b][/quote]
If you want more, just ask and I'll find some more.... Hoping you'd enjoy this find!


Excellent links Prathap!!! (thanks cameron122000)

Do you know any more like Dhost? While they have the best features, unfortunately, the servers are not very reliable :(
Just 1 addition to the list from my side


ASP hosting, 100MB space, one single text ad saying "100MB Free Hosting" on the bottom of your page.


1,349 gb space , 10 GB bandwith , A very good cpanel kindda prog(not cpanel though but contains most of tools) .. ftp access , ssh access , 1 mysql account , consistent servers ( yes i tried them for abt 6 months) .No ad's, No banners nothin . all u need to do is sometimes click on their ad's ON their site .What could be better than that :p U need a domain though :)


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i would really suggest that if you want to have a professional approach. get a REAL website yourself first. using a TK domain is not somethat that gives the users confidence in your services. i for one would never buy space from a service provider not having his own website.

ermm. u do have a .net website! sorry... i was just referring to ur From: id!



Yes. I do got .net domain. That .tk I got since 3+years and I don't want to lose it so, I am having it for my personal site.