Asianet Dataline Broadband


Asianet Dataline
One of the first ISP in Kerala. But worst Customer Care and Service providers in whole india. Well Myself a customer of Asianet Broadband Plan "Rapid 1350", monthly rental which will be near to Rs 1500. As per the offer, 1 Mbps up to 25GB of data and thereafter 512Kbps.

1) Always have connectivity and speed issues...
2) Worst Customer Care centers...
3) Technical People are Illiterate....
4) Customer Care People always has some excuse...what ever their problem is
5) Never solve the issue on time
6) No response if mailed the problem.
7) Well there is an option to send mail to Senior Vice President, but read by customer care people
8) Inefficient people from top to bottom

See what you get by paying Rs 1500

Result is

Now you take decision you want to take Asianet Broadband connection or not?

Enquire anybody in technopark whether any firms has availed their services

Answer would be big No

Because...they don't prefer worst..but only the best

Go for TATA, RELIANCE or AIRTEL Wired or Wireless Connection