If you are like me, the most lovable characters out of the lot was obviously Joey Tribbiani with childish innocence and adolescent sex drive though phoebe also came pretty close. And well, the thought has been proven right with only 1 of the 6 characters made it to the next level. Actor Matt LeBlanc now has his own show based on the character of Joey from Friends. And as per the reports it has an excellent story base. The series has Joey moving on to Los Angeles trying to make it big on Television. And as a result the story gets new characters in Gina, Michael, a neighbor gal and a new agent. I had really like to have this imported to our TV screens. But as the trends show... we normally end up getting the series when they are over or nearing the end in the states. Smallville, ED, Titus are all good examples.


The Funny One
u can probably gues whose my fav...(if u cant its chandler ;)i have seen Joey ENTRIE 1 season on CD ... preetty lameI will say it is 1\6 th as funny as friends (coz joey is 1 of the 6 see what i done there)u dont see urself laughing out loud screaming "Bas kar Yaar"but then again thats just me


i just luv when joey says "how you doinn ?" rofli really miss the show. waiting to see what joey can do with this new series. lets see wether his charm and humor can make us die of laughter again

Dukes Mangola

Joey (the series) sucks big time . . as much as I loved Friends for the first few seasons, and as much as I hated it over the last 2-3 seasons, viewing the last episode did make me miss it.BTW, is it just me, or did anyone really hate Jennifer Aniston when Oprah interviewed the friends during the last season ? I mean, when asked what was their fav moment in the series, most of them sucked up to her a$$ saying that Emma's birth was it. I mean for fecks sake, Phoebe (Lisa) was actually pregnant on the show, and they choose jJennifer Anistons fake pregnancy as their highlight ?!?!?!