Excatt Net Information Required


Could any of you guys help me out with the information i require..I am about to take exact net connection.. right now i have GNS connection and its giving me download speed of 10-15 kbps.. Mine query are as follows..I am intrested in XBB CLUB NIGHT LIFE 1024 plan... what is the download speed we get in this plan.. How do you connect to the internet .. do you have any kind of dialer or it is web based login or pppoe..I have 2 pc at mine home can i setup wirless router ... I have already setup here as mine conection is webbased login so its not aporblem ... but if there is software bassed login just like in 24online then it might be a problem ....I know u guys thinking i should have asked excatt .. but today is 15th august and they are not avilable for comment .. so I asked you guys ... Thanks in advance ..... and Happy Indepence Day ......


you are getting 10-15KB/SEC not kbps your line speed is 15x8=120kbps
on exatt 1mbps or 1024kbps you should get 1024/8=128KB/SEC but in reality you will get slightly lesser speeds than promised.confirm with an exatt user or cc on the fact that what actual speed you should get on exatt 1mbps connection during peak hours and during night.

check your actual bandwith speed at www.speakeasy.net/speedtest and download speed will get divided by 8