Broadband Connection "wierd"


Hi! I have pretty wierd doubt to ask. I am using bsnl plan 500 and these days I observe the net gets disconnected every 5 to 10 min or it doesnt connect at all. But the wierd thing is that if i keep my telephone receiver outside the cradle(telephone is engaged) it connects very fast and the connection remains very stable for hours. I have tested this for 2 weeks and i am sure of this. But hey guys mine is a broadband not a dialup. What is all this. Will anyone pleeeeeease help me out. I use xp sp2. The Huawei SmartAX MT841 modem is connected to the pc using USB(Does this effect the stability of the connection?). The phone line coming in is connected to a splitter which connects to the single phone and the modem. The exchange guys had checked the connection and declared it totally fine.


BSNL Dataone
A LAN connection is more stable than the USB connection .
if you have a LAN port , I'd suggest to use it .

your network configuration is also important
when you use connection thru LAN .

Gateway --->
IP address can be
subnet mask --->
DNS ---> and

there can be a problem with the splitter . borrow a
splitter from a friend/neighbor and see if changing
it resolves this problem . or request BSNL to check
the splitter . As your connection is new BSNL should
help .
splitters are available in the market and one can buy
thru online if required .