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Hi All,I was looking out for Broadband Connection for my residence. I have contacted AIRTEL BROADBAND, TATA INDICOM BROADBAND and BSNL. To my surprise - i found that TATA INDICOM & AIRTEL BROADBAND to the worst company which even didn't have courtesy to give a call to the customer back and provide me with the application status. To my surprise BSNL being a PUBLIC SECTOR company came a top winner by provide me with all the details i required on the phone. And with TATA INDICOM it has been more than 30 days since i have submitted an application for the connection, i have not received an email, phone call or not even a confirmation from the company saying that is the status of the application.If this is the case how can they ask for LEVEL PLAYING FIELD with other MNC Company. It is really disgusting to say that TATA INDICOM AND AIRTEL are not worth to name as a reliable customer support.Regards,Venkatesha


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Riight !!So go with BSNL and lets see what you think of their service, specifically speed, relibility & uptime ..see u in 6 months :p

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Not just Tata Broadband, even their Indicom CS sucks. They cheated me of 180 rupees.


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I don't have the broadband connection though, But i requested them to check the feasibility of connection to my residence. THey donlot have a proper CS for this. THey mentioned me to check with one person (and gave one phone number). THis person referred another person to check with as he was in the field. The second person too long time to respond the negative feasibility. And there is no proper answer as to when they plan to install cables at our area ? This is true with any BB provider in Bangalore(except BSNL) nobody commits on the timeframe for the new areas.Tata indicom as i have seen Long wait for customer support. Also couple of them show indecency They will talk to you as though they are not at all responsible for our problem. (An incendent incident occured, while i was requesting them a usermanual for my walky, the person just talked with me in a shouting voice, when i visited their office in Koramangala,Bangalore). They are not bothered about custoer satisfaction. They never keep their promise. Very lathargic/postponing attitude in officials. If you are thinking about tata indicom better give a second thought about it.[/quote]


Tata Broadband sucks - the customer service is pathetic. I had a downtime of 4 days twice in the last 3 weeks. That's eight days of no service in a span of 21 days! Crazy!! And the company's personnel are hard to reach, don't give proper replies. They don't have toll-free number, so everytime I call, I am made to pay huge mobile bill for each call, with a wait time of 12 minutes or more and another 10 minutes to argue with the customer service. The local engineer had taken away my router and did not return as promised. Only after threatening them, did they decide to send a replacement after 4 days! NEVER GO FOR TATA BROADBAND if you want peace of mind.