Regulation of Online Content in India

Navjot Singh

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As India looks to regulate Internet content, some issues to consider - MediaNama

In the aftermath of the botched attempt to regulate journalists for Fake News, one aspect about the committee formed to create a framework for regulating online media, is that it isn’t just about news: it’s about all Internet content, including

  • entertainment portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, EROS Now, ALT Balaji, Vice and others;
  • online news portals like scroll, the wire, swarajya, Opindia,;
  • News aggregators like Google News, DIGG etc;
  • news/media aggregators like Reddit, and Twitter and Facebook
The notification for the creation of the 10 member committee clearly mentions that it will create a framework for “online media/news portals including digital broadcasting and entertainment / infotainment sites and news / media aggregators”.

This sucks.

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^^ This is not going right. It will fuck Web Series now. Why Indian Govt. can't see the happiness of their citizen?

Time to shift to other country.