South Korea seeks internet speed of 1 Gigabit per second in every home!


When will the jackasses in New Delhi wake up and get something done . . . . 1 gigabit/sec is a fairytale as we just try and grow out of FUP!!!

excerpts from the article

"South Korea already claims the world’s fastest Internet connections — the fastest globally by far — but that is hardly good enough for the government here. By the end of 2012, South Korea intends to connect every home in the country to the Internet at one gigabit per second."

"A pilot gigabit project initiated by the government is under way, with 5,000 households in five South Korean cities wired. Each customer pays about 30,000 won a month, or less than $27"

if currently people are paying so low on the pilot . . . once completely rolled out economies of scale should kick in and pricing should head further south

"South Koreans pay an average of $38 a month for connections of 100 megabits a second, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development."

I guess the newer technology will be cheaper. Still even then they are paying an equivalent of 1700 bucks a month for 100MBit speeds.

I don't get why in India its still so expensive. We have a huge huge market. With a population of a billion people there is massive scale possible. This is already demonstrated by the pricing of cellular services. Indian cellular services are by far the cheapest in the world. Why then is it so difficult to implement a similar model in broadband.

For the record population of South Korea is just 48mn - about 2.5x Mumbai's population. And number of broadband connections is estimated at 16mn. India already has 10mn broadband subscribers. And the rate of growth is staggering. In 2006 it was 1.5mn and in 2007 it was 2.5mn. Today we are at 10mn. So we are way ahead on scale as well as growth opportunities.

I don't see why any profit making corporation wouldn't want to exploit such a lucrative opportunity. Then I guess the slow pace of broadband growth should be attributable largely to policy decisions in new delhi . .. what say?

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Is it unlimited, or data based like 200GB or even 500GB?

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"One of the customers already connected to Mr. Choi’s pilot program is Moon Ki-soo, 42, an Internet consultant. He got a gigabit hookup about a year ago through CJ Hellovision, although because of the internal wiring of his apartment building his actual connection speed clocks in at 278 megabits a second. "


We won't get these kinds of speeds in India as we need to compensate the govt. for the money that people like Raja have made.


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DOT has already been sitting on the NBP 2010 given by TRAI which recommends for building a Nation Wide Open FIBRE Network till every village with 500 population with an estimate of rs. 60,000 cr. ( which also is delaying the definition update to 512 kbps).South Korea is enjoying these speeds because their Govt. invested in building Fibre network proactively opposite to what is happening here in INDIA. As per some recent news they are considering Fibre+Wireless as option rather than Fibre till the End.Till the time we will be having Grey haired people crafting policies for BB the results will be same (slow as them):p


I do not want to bother you but this is old news. I have read it in year of 2009.
By 2012 Koreans Will Get 1Gbps Broadband Connections: Tech News and Analysis «

Actually, they are active in that field because they are on top to provide fastest internet in the world. That is why they want to secure their position forever.

Right now, fiber installation is going on in every developed country or being done. Only we are still living in old infrastructure. According to recent development in india on internet infrastructure, all countries are moving on fiber and only they develop wimax where fiber is not possible to install or less requirement in those area but we are moving on wireless technology everywhere except some highly developed and highly requirement area. Wimax develpment is little bit cheap as compared to fiber development. & also we do not have no of CPE manufacturer in india.

By the way, I got some article regarding recent NBP and further expecting development on it. I will post as soon as possible under broadband in india section.