Only 4000 tickets to be sold to "general public" for World Cup final



"Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive, shook off the World Cup ticketing fiasco, saying that the ticket ballot which is about to be instituted for the finals and semi-finals was the best way to deal with the heavy demand for the ruling body's flagship event."

"All through his media conference Lorgat repeated made the claim that the ticketing crisis and the official ticketing website crashing when tickets for the final went on sale, proved the 'strength of the game', and that the supply would never be able to catch up with demand. "This is how wonderful the growth in our sport has been. It is a reflection of the popularity of the game. It certainly negates those naysayers about the demise of 50-over cricket; it shows you what the flagship event means"

India is a cricket-crazy nation & it is only here (sub-continent) that you will find such craze for home & knockout games. I guess someone needs to tell the ICC president that
Hello everyone.
It is true that school and college students will get free entry into the stadium on showing their ID cards!

see this link: No security compromise at Wankhede: Ratnakar Shetty

Shetty further said that as a special gesture, school and college students will be given free admission for the first two World Cup ties at the Wankhede stadium on showing their I-D cards.

So cheers people lets watch some WC games LIVE in our own city for free :D

Ofcourse the Sri Lanka vs New Zealand match will be great, but even Canada vs New Zealand could be good as Canada has just dismissed Pakistan for 184!! :grin: