BSNL Broadband Hoopla


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There are hosts of complex interrelated issues that need to be enumerated for the launch of broadband services by BSNL.I shall try and lay out a case. The current euphoria about broadband was started by the present government coming into power. Our communications minister has a direct stake in a popular TV channel in the south. Over the past few years, there has been an unregulated growth of the cable industry. There was a need felt to regularize the spread. Hence, the Conditional Access System was introduced. However, in the scheme of the things, it has been a failure.

Telecom offered a perfect platform to regulate the flow of the TV channels, as well as would give a direct indication of the number of subscribers. This is a long-term plan to introduce pay per view channels including niche content that would be chargeable. ADSL provides a tried and tested vehicle of delivery to the homes.

Part of the grand reason is the spread and reach of BSNL because this was the defacto service provider before the current telecom industry was opened to private players. Worldwide too, the traditional phone companies are wiring up homes through optic fiber, but that is a different story.

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