Insanities offered by BSNL Broadband


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BSNL has finally jumped in the broadband arena with a watered down offering. However, there is much more than that meets the eye and the primary precaution of caveat emptor (buyer beware) applies here.

One needs to appreciate the basic mentality of the government that takes our intelligence for granted every time. The tariffs so far announced have the provision to buy a modem outright or pay a non-refundable security of Rs 500/- Incase the modem is on rental it would entail the cost of Rs 100 per month. I believe that it is much more prudent to have a buy back offer for the same. What if one needs to shift on to any other service provider in the near future? This is not justified if we are saddled with a modem for which we would have no use. It is abusing the monopoly for its own ends. However, we do not have any say.

The download limits remain a bone of contention. This is inexcusable. The ISPs are worried about the abuse of their bandwidth being utilized for file sharing or downloading excessively. However, I fail to understand that if the current encumbment wants to enter in the streaming media offering or TV on Internet then how the current quota of 1 GB is proposed to be utilized.

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