Problem Using Linksys With Mtnl


Hi:I just moved to India from North America and am using MTNL as my ISP. I have the Linksys configured in Gateway mode as I have always done (with my Linksys assigning IPs to my home network).I got my connection to the ISP setup and it works fine when I go directly from the laptop to the MTNL modem. When I put Linksys into the picture, it works fine but intermittedly drops the connection. Whether my computer is wired or wireless, the connection from the Laptop to the router is fine, but I cannot access the internet. When I got to the Linksys config page and click on "Status", and do a DHCP renew (getting a new IP from the ISP), then it works again.I'm not sure if this problem is the ISP or the router settings. MTNL did give me a fixed IP I can use (seems I can used DHCP or fixed from them)--is it possible to set the router as a fixed IP and maybe that will solve the problem? How do I set the Linksys to use a fixed IP provided by the ISP? My Linksys worked great in America.Thanks,KaydaJust to update my previous post, I am using the WRT54G v. 1.1 Linksys. I have tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in.Thanks,Kayda


heyy guys,, cud u pls solve dis query,,i have got dis linksys wireless router 4m US and it has got 1 internet and 4 other ports all 5 of them are RJ45 ports, before linksys i was using dlink adsl 2+ router where there was 1 pin for line in and the other RJ45 port which goes to the pc,,so how shud i config this linksys wireless router ??also the adaptor i got has got i/p 120V acc to US ac supply,, so i m stuck....pls help me out...:pleasehelp:


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@tushar09 Since you are from Mumbai, make a trip to Lamington Rd for the power adapter. Just make sure that the output rating of the piece to be purchased is identical to the original piece.