Telecom Muddle in India - Part 2


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Over the past few years there has been supposed expansive growth of telecom in this country. For the same reason it was envisaged to have a regulator for this growing industry. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India was hence set up as an autonomous body in 1999.

TRAI has clearly failed its objectives with which it was set up for. It has perhaps become a paper pushing organization in a permanent intellectual rigor mortis. Occasionally it breathes life into itself and then we hear some active pronouncements, which are invariably turned down. I was happy when they had suggested the policy paper on the spread of broadband in India, whose coverage remains pathetic. However, it was comfortably turned down by our “dynamic and young” Minister of Telecommunications. In the scheme of the things, they quoted some obscure studies and thwarted an excellent opportunity to improve the infrastructure in “IT Superpower” of Asia.
What do these people get in protecting the monopoly that is harming us contrary to their pronouncements? I believe it is the patent insecurity complex that they are saddled with and refuse to see reason howsoever good it maybe. Perhaps it has become a part of the system to ignore the same electorate that voted them into power in the first case. None in the public eye ever wishes to be asked uncomfortable questions that they wish to avoid at all costs.

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