External Hard Drive


Hi All !I want to instal SAP 4.7 in my laptop; This requires around 50 GB space.But my laptop has a configuration of 60 GB (net 51 GB), 512 MB RAM and 1.86 GHz processor. I feel it will require external HDD.I want to know that if I go for external HDD how will be the performance of the laptop vis-a-vis SAP module; how will external HDD affect the speed, performance etc. of the SAP module during its use.If I use internal HDD then what?Please help me out of this with the advantages and disadvantages in both the cases.What will be the best brand and price for each of them.RegardsJS


Airtel 256k ultd
Should not make much of a difference since SAP is essentially a database driven app right ?

All that 50GB of space is for the database, of which only a few hundred MB will be in memory at any point in time.

You defnitely want to get a USB2 drive. It's possible more RAM might be reqd also.

AS for price you will have to do the asking around, for a USB2 enclosure which will take a HDD.

One thing to note here is if you get one with a HD, check the waranty as they only give you 1 yr but if you build one you can use normal 3.5"HDs ie seagate that will give 3 yrs warranty instead.

But this might not be so portable so factor that in if its important.