mtnl gprs

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to cut a long story short, mtnl's offering gprs in delhi and bombay. 2plans. in one, free gprs usage is 5mb. anything more than that, you get billed 10 paise per Kb.

usage being metered by the KILOBYTE?????? hey i thought in most places it was Mb if not (sigh) Gb.

just when you thought some people couldn't demonstrate their stupidity any further, mtnl surfs past us, and shows us its asli(yat)/rung.


With Rs 90 scheme , i think u cant even use mobile as modem for PC surfingHowever with Rs 399, u can connect PC and surf unlimited.I dont know how good speeds are Is it true that GPRS can be activated only on new connections? I have been sticking to my TRUMP prepaid just waiting for their GPRS launch. Now RS 90 is very exdpensive as HUtch is offering unlimited GPRS for Rs 99 only for mobile surfing only.