More more more problems with sify


First of all I would really like to thank u for was needed
.... Now it's not really a bug ... But I would like to tellu abt what
happens with my connection .... During the day there are no problems
with disconnections even if i dont use easysify .... but during the
night i get disconnected within half haur of using the net ..there is no data going to and forth,, I really dont know what theproblem is..earlier i had a 40kbps pack and never got disconnected...but since got a 96kbps pack i am having problems..Also i tried pinging the gateway when this happens replies normally..only that i cant use net until i manually logout... i called up sify and have asked them to disable heartbeat function...they say its disabled... sify is not actually very helpful at the moment... Hence I wanted to use EASYSIFY ..But the same thing happens here also Easysify showed that i was connected but actually i have to manually
relogin to get things to work ...Also i would like to mention thatduring such times when i manually logoff Using BBCLIENT I get a message saying that "UNABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY LOG OFF .... " ....
I dont use bbclient with easysify..i mean i dnt use them both at the same time ...i use easysify as stand i have to use them both together?.... also
these disconnections during the night time were happening even before
i started using easysify ... these disconnections were the reason i
was looking for an alternate client... and i found easy sify...only
that even by using easysify my problem remains the same ... i have to
manually relogin ...could u help please ... also i called up sify and
they say my heartbeat feature is disabled.... please help.....
Also One More thing bhaskar which i forgot to mention .... i think my
problem can be solved by having a feature in easysify with which one
can automatically log in or out without manual intervention .... lets
say ... i can set it to logout and relogin every hour....such an addon
will be very helpful.....please work on newer versions of easysify if
u get the time....i am willing to pay a reasonabe price for such a
utility...u could start a donations page where ppl can support this
cool program...
If u get the time please reply
to this e-mail
[email protected]

my email - [email protected]
hmmmmmmmm. the problem is quite odd enough. there e two reasons that this could happen.1st it culd be that ur session expires, blame sickfy for that , nither u nor ur CTO cab do anything2nd and the most probably isthat someone uses ur id. lemme tell ya why i think so.since u say that ur speed dies out completely even after connecting and u hav to re-login. this happens when someone used ur id and logged on , sify servers think that u mite hav accidently closed the program b4 loggin out therefore they expire the previous session adn make a new one, therefore u being on old session u dont get anyspeed. and when u re-login u hav the new session :)


Nah, when someone tries to login using your id and [email protected]$$word while you are logged in, he will get an "Already logged in message" if he uses a private IP other than yours.And if he tries to use your private IP, well he can't while your computer is turned on because it will give him a "Resource Conflict, IP already in use with ........... MAC address" kind of error and disable his LAN connection.gauravtyagi such [email protected]$$ing things have happened to me too, especially when I have downloaded even as little as 30 MB, but during the night after keeping my connection on and going to sleep.I don't know whether you downloaded anything or if Sify is just being a jerk to you.What I think happens is your connection to either the SAM server or the DNS server or even maybe both is blocked for the current session (marked by a number called the sessionid) . So you can't do anything on the internet and you can't even logout.Why does it get blocked so often for your current session? I don't know and I wouldn't be able to comment on whether this could happen if someone steals your sessionid for the current session (though I don't see any use of stealing someone's sessionid).What you can do till Sify attends to your complaint? Try using a free IP address on your LAN that's not been @$$igned to anyone yet.


Here are certain facts ... a few days back I did get a small Notification in windows
... It said that
there is an ip address conflict with other system on the network"
I have included the screen shot OF THAT which i had saved that day...
wondering that If i tell this to sify personnel ... they might not believe it..
see the screen shot.....

You Think that in my case there really was hacking????
I have started using a firewall now... and plan to change my [email protected]$$word everyday
..... U think I should apply for a new user id??

Originally posted by ultra [email protected] 25 2005, 10:01 PM
lol, belive when i say there is way then there is, u wuldnt want me to try it on ya wuld ya :p


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me using ur ip wont exactly be hacking unless u dont logoff before switching ur PC and i use ur IP to access net in your account. that is why sify recommends logging off even if ur net package is unlimited.


BBclient auto logs off . And ip conflict is no hacking :p just wait and it will be back or u take other ip for some time . And ultra me too think u are wrong there :) It gives u already logged in prompt if someone else is logged with ur user/[email protected]$$s and it wont login u in till other guy logs out . And easy sify says wrong [email protected]$$word even if it gets reply of already logged in from ahead . Bhaskar can correct it
this is for power :huh: okay u change ur mac and ip address to that of target and try again. now u will see what i for ur problem changin id is of no use(i wont pay 500 bux for that)and the person who has ur [email protected]$$. if he is smart enough then he wuld hav noted all ur details like secret questions etc. so that he can change it just change ur secret question adn email address ther. that shuld be enuf.adios. any more discussions u want power then start a new topic in backroom :) then all of us will be able to contribute our little knowledge to pull somethin big off."KnoWLedGe iS pOwEr" :pand btw dont use ABC(Torrent client) it has been blacklisted recently according to some source's.And one more thing guy's cna anybody give his CS 1.6 or CS:S key for a good coz,like helpin me play all day long. :pand sushubh where is surjeet :blink: ????havnt heard frm him for quite a while


Well u see ... a couple of times i did get an error saying unable to log in error [522] .... I called up sify ... they manually logged me out and then things were fine....... I contacted sify regarding my disconnect problem 3 days back and finally today i got a call from somebody ... he said he had configured some hardware and has asked me to monitor the situation today night ... lets see what happens...