Tata Indicom - Poor Service

Hello Frens,I had applied for Tata Indicom broadband connection on 13th June by paying(2190 + 50 DD). After calling customer care 3 times and calling that sales executive n number of times (almost for a month), I came to know that my application was never filed. Then I came to know that executive had also lost the form. And he says I need to go thru the whole procedure once again and it will take again 10-15 days (same thing was told to me when I was filing it in June. So I am not sure what is this 12-15 days means).I am really unsatisfied with the service. I am tired of following up things for almost a month and getting nothing. If you are planning to buy Tata Indicom make sure you application gets atleast filed.Deepa


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Its better ! You got the idea of what there service would be after installation so better don't apply again.Do read the rants and complain of people in this section no one is satisfied and compare it with other section like Airtel you will get better idea of the havoc you are having with urself by having tata indicom.