Another Example Of Crap


Hi Guys, Another Crap added in sify's bucket. actually i renewed my package through sify mall and by mistake i selected a wrong package. i had a chat with their Tech support they said they can't neither change package and cancel the order. and advised me to mail to their crap customer care email address(where no one replies.) But still i did that. just in 1 minute i recieved a reply saying its been dealt with. and everything happened in 15 minutes of my placing the order and cancelling that. now in morning i recieved a mail saying that acc is been activated . now since then i m calling those (A****LES) to either cancel or change the package to my desired one. spoken to so many agents and manager's but failing to provide me what i want. and everone says will do that in 24 hrs and nothing is happening. and if i ask them to reimburse the money to me they are saying that they will reimburse only the money which is left in my acc. i mean suppose in 900 Rs package i get a value of 800 which is now 650 something. so they are saying they will deduct the money and only reimburse what is left in my account.they don't understand english man, one agent took 5-6 minutes just for my getting my ID which is 15 seconds work.

Dukes Mangola

Their Call Centre is on the whole, crap.Thank God the CTO here is decent. They have 3 dedicated phone lines for us, and send their engineers the same day I make a complaint.


But dude in this case CTO can't do anything. if they could i wouldn't have wasted my money in phoning them and getting headach.

Dukes Mangola

QUOTE(kuldeep @ Jul 15 2006, 01:04 AM) [snapback]55760[/snapback]
But dude in this case CTO can't do anything. if they could i wouldn't have wasted my money in phoning them and getting headach.
Ah yes, that differs from area to area. When running, Sify can be a delight. But when down, it can be the greatest and most frustrating headache :p


i tried to get an update on issue through chat. they closed the sessions 4-5 times when they knew that its me. finally i got those crap people with wrong id.
here's the conversation

Welcome to Sify's customer care chat
Please wait for an associate to join you...
vijay_c : Chat request accepted:
vijay_c : Good Evening.
vijay_c : How may i assist you?
parveen : u guys are trying to fool me
parveen : not even accpeting my chat invitation
parveen : anyways i need an answer this time
parveen : not that we are working on it
parveen : ok
parveen : my ID is *********
vijay_c : Sorry, may i know your query?
vijay_c : Please hold on.
parveen : still need to know my query
parveen : how mean u people are
parveen : i've spoken and chated with u so many times
parveen : and u asking me what is the query.
vijay_c : Sir, please note that, being weekend, your request for renew your account for 256

kbps pure unlimited will be renewed by tomorrow.
parveen : u f****ng ass**les. i've been chasing this case for the last week. and don't give

me any excuses like this
parveen : i don't want to be rude u r making me angry
parveen : u there ??
parveen : why don't u put time stamps here in the chat so that everyone comes to know how

much time u take to reply. its been 5 minutes now since u've opened ur mouth.
vijay_c : Sorry for holding.
parveen : did u ask me to hold
vijay_c : As per your request, 3694473. we have checked with our broadband team that your

account will be updated tomorrow.
parveen : sorry bro i m sure this is not going to be done.
vijay_c : Sir, please extend your cooperation, we will do the need ful.
parveen : manish_saluja (2006-07-14 19:48:51 ) says-> INPROGRESS manish_saluja (2006-07-14

manish_saluja (2006-07-14 19:49:29 ) says-> RESOLVED
parveen : what is it and ur working on it?? u liars
parveen : hello
parveen : i m still using same package and u are saying that it is updated and resolved.

what crap is it ??
vijay_c : This is the update given by the concern team.
parveen : then it should not be in resolved queue
vijay_c : The update can be done only on monday, ie tomorrow.
parveen : it should be pending becasue work is still not done
vijay_c : The information was already given to concern team and hence the status show

parveen : till the time it is not confirmed my customer how can u resolve the issue

vijay_c : Sir, it will be updated tomorrow.
parveen : that it is closed or its resolved.
vijay_c : Your case has been reopened.
vijay_c : It will be check in high priority.
parveen : will it be changed to pure unlimited or not
parveen : any ideas abt it
vijay_c : Once your exisiting pack gets deactivated, the pure unlimited pack will be added

in your pipeline.
parveen : and will i get charged for that. coz i have already paid money for that
vijay_c : It will be charged for the value you browsed.
parveen : and how will i pay the rest of the money
vijay_c : We may send the person to collect the money.
parveen : 2876204
parveen : and close this ticket
parveen : and i need this to be resolved tomorrow. and i have this chat conversation as

record and proof that u said it will be done tomorrow.
vijay_c : Ok.
parveen : ok thanks for ur support
parveen : bye talk to u later

one important thing guys.

now u can get updates online without calling them up. visit here:

put ur broadband username and password and u'll get all ur cases history and to whom its assigned as well.

take care


QUOTE(kuldeep @ Jul 15 2006, 01:04 AM) [snapback]55760[/snapback]
But dude in this case CTO can't do anything. if they could i wouldn't have wasted my money in phoning them and getting headach.

No actually they do . Our cto also renew packages . Once my package got automatically expired by shitty cc who thought i havent paid .. made many calls to sify cc but no use ... then i called up cto and he renewed package the same day , Cto in navi mumbai ( SSV ) is pretty good ..


The cc ppl had once renewed my account without asking me and had sent me a mail saying that the cto will come to collect the amount. But I called up cc and they cancelled my order within 2 days although after a lot of explaining... what i din't do is start using the account i had put the pack on hold and kept sending them emails about cancelling the order... so they did it in 2 days... i think theyre doing all this shit coz uve already started using the account... u shudn't have done that.