Connecting Using Pppoe Dialer. Please Help!


hey guys,I found out that bsnl charges my daily limit even if I start downloading in the NU. So, I switched to bridged connection with dial-up access. The problem I'm getting is, even after I configure the connection properly, I still get error 678. RASSPPPOE says "no services were offered". And it's not my route rproblem, here's why:when I play around with the connection properties like changing around ip address, dns, service name and other stuff, it works out at some random point! So, it is purely a software problem, now I'm connected using my dial-up broadband. But there is no flexibility, like I have to preserve the present connection without deleting it like gold LaughingOr, I'll have to play around with the properties again, till suddenly voila, it connects!Does anyone know why this happens? Have any solutions to creating dial-up connections?cheers,l.p.s. using DSL 502-T