Hello everybody,I am thinking of getting an airtel broadband conenction but I had some questions:1) Is it necessary to get a airtel conncection in phone line? I already have an mtnl phone line..2) If I take up a limited download allowed package, is downloading from p2p like limewire and ares considered a part of data transfer?Help will be appreciated :)


1) First off it is very much necessary to get the phone line.It is the only way broadband can be faciliated to you. The fact is it doesnt matter at all if u get an airtel phone line cause its practically free. Their is no installation charges, there is no rental and moreover they will give u another optional phone free of charge...until offcoure u start calling from it. So u can relax on that.2) Even opening google from ur browser eats up ur data. So yes downloading from LImewire is also a part of data transfer. Beaware if u dont disable the upload function in ur P2P client...ur bill might come more than u anticipated in a limited connection as upload+download is counted as total data transfer.


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If you want to download much using p2p get an unlimited package.. no hassles, no worries... plus disabling uploads is cheap, and in many cases will reduce your download speeds.

You need to get the "phone line" as in just the wire. Its upto if u want the telephone or just adsl. At least thats how it is in chandigarh. You can either get just the net or net + phone.


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Yep, u have a choice if u want the phone line or not. But then it's a zero-rental phone, you'll need it if u want to call the toll free CC no. and this is the best part, u can get the centrex(PBX) facility activated(no extra charges) which lets u talk to ppl in nearby colonies(also having airtel landlines) free of charge as if u were using an intercom. Proven especially useful for my dad coz mom chats with other ladies in the colony for hours and he's ending up saving some serious cash. And it's not as if there are very few ppl whom u can call.....I have a 75 page directory with all the centrex no's in my user group. Plus i think they're offering free calls to3 numbers for the first 3 months.