Broadband Connectivity


Hi,I have availed a BSNL Data One broadband connectivity and have been using it. The ADSL modem has been set up in the study room ( ground floor ) to a desktop PC.I recently built a first floor and have got provision for a telephone line in my room. I also have a laptop now. I would like to have broadband connectivity at both the places, at the ground floor PC and the first floor laptop.What are the necessary things that need to be done? Should I buy a Network router? Should I try to connect the devices through a LAN connection?Please advice as to what would be the most optimal solution that can be done to achieve broadband connectivity at both the devices.Thanks for your time.Regards


I suppose you have an ADSL modem with a network cable going into your PC at the moment.All you have to do is get a router which has built in DHPC facility to give all your computers internal IP address. Best is to get a router that has wifi functionality so that you don't have to run wires upto your room upstairs, provided your laptop has a wifi card.


We have a house with 1 floor too.What i have is a Netgear wireless router which costed around Rs.3500
My laptop has an inbuilt wireless LAN support.My house is 2400 square feet (i.e 40x60).It works fine for me anywhere around my house.You have many facilities in NETGEAR like password encryption and so on.It took me just 5 minutes to setup the network.I dont have another pc , so the router is just used for wireless purpose.

you have said that uve got a just connect a LAN cable between pc and 1 of the 4 Ethernet ports of the wireless you can have both pc and laptop running internet at the same time without any trouble.
I have this model WGR 614 v.4 .But there maybe newer versions so plz be aware before buying.

I dont have any idea about the size of your you just buy the right wireless router for your needs.

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