Pls Help Me To Configure Mt841 Modem With Di-lb 604 Load Balancing Router


Hi Everyone, :D I have purchased a Dlinks Load balancing router for uninterrupted Internet connectivity it has 2 WAN port and 4 LAN ports.PROBLEM:I have 2 ISPS: (1) BSNL DATA ONE(PPPoE) and (2) LOCAL CABLE NET (STATIC IP)I have connected BSNL DATA 1 to WAN1 and CABLENET to WAN2DATA ONE is set to Enable and Cable net will act as Backup when Data one Fails.Now, What happens is when BSNL is ON thru DI LB 604 i am not able to surf websites like Google , Yahoo...but i m able to use Yahoo messenger.But when i stimulated like i switched OFF the MT841 the DI LB 604 was able to react and put the LOCAL CABLE NET(WAN2) On smoothly and i was able to surf all sites and use Yahoo messenger and as i restarted the MT 841 (BSNL Modem) the load was again trasferred to BSNL DATA ONE but again i was not able to surf websites but able to use Yahoo messenger.Pls help me to configure MT841 with DILB604. :(