Ul 900 Plus : Is There Any Official Circular On Phone Connection?


Hi,Recently I got a UL900Plus connection, the ADSL Link was OK and the speed is also good (30KBps approx). But the real trouble is the voice line. At first, they denied me the outgoing call facility (dial tone was there, but outgoing call was barred. I was given a Sulabh II connection). When I objected and took the matter to the Area Manager, the commercial officer changed the connection type and allowed local outgoing calls, but the 95* calls are still barred. They say that for getting 95* facility, I need to take STD facility too. But I know that in general phones (not having STD/ISD) 95* calls can still be made. My question is whether there is any official announcement or circular where there is details about what voice call facility will be given with 900Plus.


BSNL Dataone
^ the official circular (if any) is not easily available .
The first official circular regarding Dataone Unlimited
was leaked on other community forums .
It has no such details .

95* calls should not be barred for UL900 plus plan .
once again contact the Area Manager for this .

For Home Plan UL 900 Plus :

Telephone Rental per month- Nil,

Free Calls- Nil,

MCU charges per Pulse @ Rs. 1/- shall be applicable.

Security Deposit and Installation charges as applicable
for Local/STD/ISD shall be taken from new customers.[/b]


Hi,Presently i'm also using Sulabh-II plan. I used to call through BSNL IT cards. Concerning the same issue i called them. But the C.O says that,"if u want the UL 900 PlUS plan u should have to transfer ur connection from sulabh to general plan.as u know it is one way blocked,only incomings available,hearing this i have decided to transfer the line to UL 900 Plan (Not Plus). But u should be concerned abt the particular plan.BSNL tricks the MCU charge.if u r already running in plus plan there is no calls should be charged of 95*. All Local calls should be Rs 1/- per min.so u should be carefull of ur voice call charge.