Dawar Open World Gurgaon Experience

this was the third item i bought from them in the last 2-3 months. first two items turned out to be fine. the third one... a cheapo kenwood heater. used unit. buttons not working. one screw missing... i would check with them tomorrow if they would replace it for me. otherwise... they are not going to get any more of my business. ever.====Dawar is hopeless indeed. I would narrate my previous experiences with this company here... A couple of years ago, me and a friend went there to buy a television set. We picked up a Philips TV that was priced at around 12000 rupees. We bargained a bit and the guy at the counter dropped down the price to 11000 rupees. We said great. The delivery guy comes to my place. Delivers the television set. I give him the 11K rupees. He goes. He comes back after 2 hours. Claims that I had given him 1000 rupees less. After two freaking hours. I tell him politely that i had counted the money and had given him the proper amount and he should have checked before leaving my place. He remains adament that i paid him less money. We kept on discussing the obvious but he won't budge from his position. We ended up paying him 1000 rupees extra. So well that bargain turned out to be no bargain at all. Now, about this heater fiasco. The unit given to me was pretty clearly a used unit. It was dirty. One of the screws required to connect the unit to its stand was missing. There were no warranty papers inside! I went back to the shop today. Explains the situation. He would not accept that the unit is second hand. Tells me that the unit comes in that condition from the company itself (KENWOOD). About the screw, he gets me a screw from another box from his place. A unit that he would probably sell to another customer. I said no thanks. I want a different unit. He won't accept. I said ok fine. I would buy another model. He said no exchange. He finally agrees for it after I picked up a model that was around 34% more expensive than the model i was returning. I am using that unit right now. Seems to be working fine. But the bad experience still remains in my mind and would remain there for the rest of my life. Dawar apparently started from a small shop in the sadar bazaar market in Gurgaon. He now has a chain of shops around the city. But the small mentality from that small shop in that local market of gurgaon still remains. You have to deal with people in a way they should be dealt with. But... not such case with Dawar.By the way... I forgot to add. The heater he sold me for Rs. 2000 had a MRP of Rs. 1990. Electronic items usually sell for prices much below their MRP... Dawar is actually selling it above the MRP. I could have had an argument with him on that part... But I was pretty frustrated with my experience dealing with the people working there.