Ok...so this is the deal. I am an Xvid/Divx freak....which i am sure many of us are.Lately one of my friends in Sweden urged me to upload one of my "classic" DVDs as a torrent. Now since i know how great my upload speeds are i decided to make an Xvid out of the DVD and make my torture less painful. Now what i am looking for is not an Xvid Media Conversion software...but an ".avi" cutter and joiner software.Though i know that conversion software come in with options of how much data u wanna make the file out of . But i need to manage some of my already Xvid media files and thats y i need some "expert" advice of someone who has used this kinda software. There are plenty out there but i really need a good tested one cause i really dont have the time to start analyzing and judging. Thanks In Advance ;)