Bsnl's Unlimited Plan--read The Fine Print First.


I am really very happy to see the unlimited plan.

but there is a problem, I am just thinking what is the catch.

when i went to the site to see the plan details , it says

For Home Plan UL 900: Telephone Rental per month, Free Calls & MCU charges
per pulse shall be as per existing plan of the customer.

I was unable to understand wat this means. i am wondering that maybe i will have to pay the phone charges for each time i logon or something. i am really very careful with the fine print because that's where the customer gets cheated or fooled.

anybody already using the plan?? wat are ur experiences.

wat do i do to get my current plan changed to unlimited.

Moreover , my current plan is the Rs.500 home plan. i saw at the site that it offers night time unlimited. i am unable to believe it. Is it for all the 500 home plan users or do i have to pay something extra for it.

please also tell me about the fine print that i haved written above.
u could also see it at



there is no hidden charge for bsnl home 900ul and 900ul plus.the fine print means that the voice plan will be same and if you make any voice call it will be charged as per existing voice plan of your landline.and if you switch to 900 ul plus then telephone rental per month is nil you only pay rs900/month for unlimited usage but if you make any voice call through your landline it will be charged rs1/pulse.there are no seperate call charges for only have to pay rs900/month and enjoy unlimited usage.


It simple as it is:Home 900 Plus : This plan is for the consumer who does not have a BSNL service...neither phone nor net or for the consumer who is interested in a second connection. In both cases the connection is brand new. Anyhow with this plan you get a new phone line with no rental and no free calls. The phone usage however will be charged if used. If not then all the bill u r gettin is gonna be Broadband bill+ Service charge + Cess Tax.Offcourse the security deposit for the Phone and the Broadband in advance is another story.Home 900 : Plan which covers consumers who already own the telephone lines .For Home Plan UL 900: Telephone Rental per month, Free Calls & MCU chargesper pulse shall be as per existing plan of the customer.That above line simply states that all of your services runnin on your telephone shall stay the same.That includes your plan you took on your phone like Sulabh etc. The broadband plan will be runnin parallel to you phone plan. In the end you can expect this in the bill : Phone Rental + Phone Usage Bill + Broadband Bill + Service Tax +Cess Tax.Simply as it goes.