Which Adsl Modem Should I Buy?


Hi all, I am going to opt for BSNL Dataone broadband. Now BSNL provides four type of ADSL modem, after reading a lot of posts in this forum I learned:-
[*]modems provided by BSNL generate much heat.
[*]other modem popular among users of this forum is D-Link DSL-502T nearly @Rs. 2500.
[/list]Now the Type-I modem provided by BSNL @Rs. 1200 have one Ethernet and one USB port and Type-II has one Ethenet and one Wi-Fi port.

Now my questions are:-
[*]If I have to buy BSNL modem which type should I buy, Type- I or Type- II that is I want to know which port is more important USB or Wi-Fi. I am going to use the connection on my desktop PC.
[*]Does DLink DSL-502T is a total package or I have to buy something else like ethernet card etc. Do it include a splitter. How many ports do it have.
[*]If I buy DLink DSL-502T, how to install it. In case of BSNL they will setup everything for me.
[*]Is there any other model which have all the three ports - Ethenet, USB and Wi-Fi.
[/list]Pls suggets me out of the three models- BSNL Type-I, BSNL Type-II and DLink DSL-502T which one should I buy.


First off my friend...D-Link DSL-502 T is not a modem...its a router.Its better than modems.Now about you questions:1) If you do buy a modem from BSNL go for Type II.They generate less heat [at least they claim so]. Since you r goin to use the connection on your desktop neither USB nor WiFi is recommended. Type II modems come with ethernet ports and thats what you should go for.USB's arent stable enough and under huge data transfers tend to snap and WiFi are good if you want to use the net on your laptop.2) D-Link 502 T is just the router with splitter as a package.As far as ethernet or LAN card goes..you have to buy it seperately.Since mother boards these days come with inbuilt LAN cards that isint an issue much.But since i dont know wether your mother board has it or not i am assuming you need to buy one. The router has standard four ports consisting of ethernet port, telephone line port, adapter cable line and an optional USB port. 3) Well Installing it the first time isint that hard but is a little tricky. But since BSNL engineers are trained in modems they tend to get a little lost while seetin the router.Dont worry if they arent able to set your router i will sen you the settings. I run on DSL-502T .4) Not sure about this....but i really doubt it.Routers go a long way. They are difficult to understand but once you get to know them they help you in the long run, and since the router will be all yours you dont have to rely on BSNL's lazy employees if something happens to the router. Rest is your choice .


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D-Link 502T has a habit of losing the adsl link on a short power cut even while connected to UPS.After that it never recovers the link which it should because modems usually have an inbuilt mechanism to automatically regain the link on link loss. I think its a bug in this particular model.


yeah even when my DSL-502T is connected to UPS the ADSL power goes due to power cuts or fluctuations and the router needs to be restarted.there is no need for USB port unless u dont have a ethernet card and usb isnt relaible either. u should go for one with wi-fi coz it will enable u to use the router wirelesly with laptop


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BSNL doesnt provide routers....yet only modem and WiFi...xD!

UTSTAR ADSL modems provided by BSNL does have router functionality inbuilt, I am having VIKING-SPARC based ADSL modem.
The firmware they provide with their modem unfortunately have routing feature disabled,
So I grabed Dynalink ADSL (RTA100+) firmware version Vik 2.1.040827a1 (7-10-2004) and flashed my modem and there comes the whole RIP thingy.

Routing is too broad domain but here I am considering the basics of its ability, forwarding
packets to destination according to its destination address.