Which Modem/router To Choose/buy?, I Use, Mac Osx, Linux,xp


hey all...i decided to go for BSNL's home UL plan and now comes to the part of choosing modem/router....are bsnl's modems good enough and which one to choose? i read in the forum that many had problems with Type I and suggesting to take Type III,. Im writing this post coz i use 5 OS..gentoo linux,fedora, openbsd, Mac OS X and XP and would like to have net working on all OS, Mac OS X is IMP ....anyone using mac os x on PC ?, ..need to know if dataone runs perfectly on OS X....and also if not for bsnl's modem's then which modem/router to buy ....D-Lnik etc? and which model in D-Link is a decent one ?Thank you in advance.


Bsnl modems suck mostly and makes you dependent on them fully.In case your modem dies you are struck with the laziness of BSNL emplyees who will deal with it at their own leisure.The best way for you would be to go for your own modem / router. I wouldnt say that D-Link is the best but that is the only decent router in the market. I use DSL - 502T and it works just fine for unlimited plans.The only problem with routers are restricted direct connectivity.If you are into direct network browsin of your friend's pc or a direct IP connectivity then ditch the router.In modems well again i would say not the best but Beetel works just fine.Try gettin a Type IV Beetel modem if you can,model doest matter.You can use that forever irrespective of ISP or speed issues.Though i know both D-Link and beetel work well on linux...but i am not sure about mac.Better get a 2nd opinion on that.


As long as you are using the modem through LAN, OS does not matter. Just setup DHCP and net should work on any PC.