How To Make Pinnacle Pctv Stereo To Work On Windows Media Encoder?


I recently bought PCTV Stereo. I found Unfortunately, although Pinnacle claims PCTV Stereo drivers are “Full WDM/BDA compliant driver, WHQL certified” I cannot make the cards run on Windows Media Encoder 9. (Win XP with service pack2 )PCTV Vision application works fine. But in Windows Media Encoder, all I get is a green screen; no matter if the input is Composite, Svideo or Tunner, no matter the zillions of adjustments I do, the result is the same: Green screen. Audio from TV captures fine in every channel, but no video at all. So my only question is: How can you make PCTV Stereo card to work on Windows Media Encoder as it is supposed to work since its drivers are “Full WDM/BDA compliant driver, WHQL certified”??RS