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Hi,I have been using Fortune-Net for about a year now and have been facing a lot of problem with the internet connection the speed is only 1kbps and sometimes falls below that as welli have my other friends who have been facing this problem since a long time,we also suggested the authorities of Fortune-Net to make internal sharing facility so that other of my friends can share files from my computer but they dont even know whats that ...lolAlso now we got to know that they have installed a so called "Speed Cap" to regulate the internet speed for users. After enquiring about it they says that there is nothing like that and you will get the speed as unlimiteddownload speed that can even go to 150 kbps and thats the real joke which i had also laughed on is a article that shows how they work :DSL and Cable Speed CapsBoth cable and DSL service providers commonly employ bandwidth / speed caps for residential customers. Bandwidth caps place an artificial limit on the maximum speed a customer can achieve by monitoring their individual traffic flow and throttling network packets if necessary. Bandwidth caps can reduce a 30 Mbps service down to 3 Mbps or even lower. Service providers may have several motivations for imposing speed caps including the following: 1. Providers concerned about the capacity limits of their network may implement a cap so that they can accomodate more customers.2. Providers may believe that the vast majority of customers do not actually need any more bandwidth than that allowed under the cap.3. Providers may want to create a fair-and-equal distribution of bandwidth of customers. Without a cap, for example, some DSL subscribers would enjoy much higher bandwidth levels than others in the same neighborhood.4. Providers may be want to charge higher or lower rates for greater or lesser bandwidth levels. Hope more of you can contribute into this so that we can get some positive changes.... :D
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:yahoo:Hi my name is Himanshu...
I want to know that Fortune net doesn`t have an hub to share data with dc++???????

Can I use DC++???????:mad:

Please tell me......