WAN<->ADSL Vhost<--> WINXP host (portmap)<-->ubuntu guest(NAT)<-->webserver(no firewall)Not working


MTNL triband
Following procedure is followed for web hosting from guest OS (ubuntu desktop9.x) under vmware player and host Os winxpsp2 with one interface card eth1 MTNL tkd318eui/router with fixed IP i changed the http default(80)port for ADSLmanagementnt as i want that myfixedIp:80 should come to my webserver and not open the management screen. i can see the management screens at new port for fixed ip as well as for are saved and seen even after power recycle on ADSL modem.virtual server is LAN side WINXP IP ( for any prototcol on WAN port 80 WinXP firewall is diabled. network Port mapping from host-guest OS is done ( to guest NAT interface port 80)webserver listen on 80, virtual host *:80ping successfull for WAN fixed ip, winxp LAN ip from guest OS.Website (IT WORKS) on apahce2, seen in winxp at (port mapping works from host to guest) and seen at guests DHCP alloted IPi cant get connected to WAN fixedIP:80 (mind i can connect at WANfixedIP: for management of ADSL) to my webserverpls comment