Fine Tuning Your Airtel Modem Cum Router - Arun Chadda


For all you people out there using AirTel Broad Band Connection this information is for you people.

Please note that this information is valid only if you are using a Beetel 220x ADSL router (Broadcom BCM6338)
This is a new modem + router combo and is now-a-days given to all new customers (it is blue in colour) This is an amazing little router and runs on Linux :), yes it can be hacked, it has got a shell prompt also.

AirTel provides very little or no documentation on this router. I hope to solve your thirst for information

Apart from this there are many things you need to know on this such as -

* using this router for sharing a net connection with more than one computer
* configuring advanced settings
* Port forwarding - using Emule and Web Server
* FireWalling
* Advanced web interface.

All this info is available in one convenient place which is my blog -

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For advanced modem tweaking techniques please visit this url -


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